Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Day 2

Our day started with the usual invitations this beautiful guest home affords us...A sunrise overlook from the rooftop, freshly brewed coffee and a hearty homemade breakfast which begins promptly at 8am. Then the departure checklist begins to ensure we are prepared for the day ahead.

  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • Snack
  • Sanitizer
  • Bugspray
Then its time to aboard the Pat-Pat!! We count off our departure by person...1-2-3-4 until EVERYONE is accounted for!

It was 9:30am by the time we left and cit'e soleil was already active and alive, food cooking street side, women shopping and selling items from baskets balanced on there heads, the sounds of horns beeping and the  wind blowing as we sped through the streets. The sights were eye-opening and seeing the people for the first time will remain unforgettable.

We arrived at Elder school that provides education and meals to children from preschool- grade 13. Healing Haiti has assisted in the reconstructed of the building since the earthquakes of 2010. The kids heard the sound of the gates opening and all came running. 
  • Hugs
  • Games (My hands are still red)
  • Singing (If your happy and you know it)
  • Jumping (understatement)
  • Laughter 
We had two water stops planned for the da
y. Our first was located in the heart of the city next door to Hope church both are a part of the Healing Haiti ministry. We were able to eat our snack within the church walls and also see during our short visit the great need this place fills within this community of Haitian people.

Our 2nd water stop was located near the beach on a long road that felt more like an alley. The children mobbed us before the Pat-Pat had even come to a stop running alongside shouting "HEYOU..HEYOU..HEYOU!  The water stop was controlled chaos as Chris described  hauling water with a child on her back while another trying was trying to get her attention. There isn't enough water, time and arms to fill the great need. However the love today was plenty.

Our day was ushered in by a sunrise and completely full by our experiences. We have been given this invitation in our lifetime to do it all again tomorrow followed by each and every other day after.  It may look different back at home but all we have to do is accept his invitation to do so!


So what are people doing at 3:30am on the road?  Going to the airport!  Everyone made it on time, and mostly awake for our early morning flight.  Three men and eleven women - Nick, Tim, David, Christina, Pam, Bre, Luann, Cheryl, Nadia, Georgina, Nina, June, Ciola and Nancy.

We flew to Atlanta, then on to Port-Au-Prince.  The scenery flying in to the airport was beautiful.  All oceans, greenery and mountains.  Then the humidity hits you, then the chaos of the airport.  There was a bit of excitement getting us on the tap-tap (our open air truck/mini-bus) to go to the guest house.  Somebody appeared not to be getting paid for something, $5 seemed to settle things.  Then we were off.  Only a fifteen minute slow, bumpy drive to the guest house.  Our housing is a small gated compound, one larger building and two smaller ones.  We have very comfortable bunkbeds, and more bathrooms and showers any of us expected.   There are multiple dogs around as our main security detail, two are less than a year old and adorable. George and Elaine.

We gathered around to hear all the rules - no outside shoes in the guesthouse, no dogs in the guest house, breakfast at 8am, dinner at 5pm.  Which sounds early, but with the day traveling around and only snacks for lunch, everyone was pretty ready for dinner.  Three lovely Haitian ladies cook our food - mostly American like Shepherds Pie and such.

We turned in around 8pm, ready for Day 1.