Tuesday, May 15, 2018

SVCC Serving Day #1 - Haiti Teen Challenge, Home for Sick & Dying Babies

We arrived safely yesterday afternoon, after being blessed with a relatively smooth day of travel (turbulence aside) from Minneapolis to Port au Prince.

This morning started off with so much excitement. Many woke up earlier than they expected, ready to get the day going. Some helped the ladies make breakfast and we sat down and went over our devotion in Jesus Calling, as well as went over what our day would entail.

Our first stop was at Haiti Teen Challenge. First was the men’s campus. They welcomed us with such love and appreciation, as they stopped class to talk to us and share some of their amazing testimonies. 

Next, we went to the women’s campus, where we were greeted with their beautiful singing and worshipping. The women as well shared a few testimonies, and one of our goers shared his testimony about being a Teen Challenge graduate. There we realized that though we are from different places, we were all a part of the same family. We left with full hearts, and a new family.

We were able to come back and rest a bit before visiting the Home for Sick & Dying babies. There, we arrived just in time for the babies’ feeding time. Some of our team were able to feed the babies! Once they had full bellies, all of them were active and giggly and wanting to be cuddled. We loved on all of the babies and kids that we could before we had to go.

The night was wrapped up with devotions about the day and our time in Haiti so far and a quick trip to the pool to cool off. We ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers and thoughts, as we continue being the hands and feet of Jesus, and growing closer as a team.