Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hosanna Youth Team - Day 3

Bonswa Friends and Family,

This morning we started of the beautiful day by visiting an orphanage called Croatian Relief Orphanage. We were greeted by the lovely children as they sang us a song while trying to supress their giggles. At the orphanage, we formed a huge circle while Kara and Erin taught a faith lesson incorporating games and funny props. After finishing the lesson, the older boys, our driver and interpreter, and some of us girls immediately jumped into an intense game of soccer. The rest of the girls played with hula hoops, jump ropes, bubbles, and chalk with the kids. After saying goodbye, we had a quick snack and headed out to our next stop. On our way, Emmanuel our interpreter, Kara, and Erin broke out into song and convinced the rest of us to join. In the afternoon we visited a special needs orphanage called Dios Orphanage. We interacted with the beautiful children through music, art, and especially jump roping. We met a little boy who constantly persuaded all of the girls to jump rope with him. We sang multiple songs and each child broke out with a smile when they heard the beautiful noise. Each one of us had a special connection with these kids, even more than a physical connection. At the end of our exhausting, yet fulfilling day, we headed home, and later enjoyed tacos for dinner. Now we are off to play some bananagrams and apples to apples!

Much love from Haiti!!!
-Nicole, Sheridan, Kylie, Jaiden