Sunday, September 15, 2019

One Reason Church - Day 7

Today we attended Rendez-Vous Christ Church which is affiliated with Haiti Teen Challenge.  It was an amazing service and great music.  The message was about leadership and how God can use anyone to serve no matter their situation.  The pastor described many leaders that God ordained to serve his purpose who may not have been likely selections. For example, he spoke of Paul - a murder, Abraham - who was considered too old, Peter - denied God, Rebekah - a manipulator, Job - went bankrupt, David - committed adultery, and Ruth - was a widow.  Even though these individuals fell short during their journey in life, God can still use us to serve him in spite of our flaws, shortcomings, fears or failures. These are the things that add to our testimony and help others see the face and power of God. Failure is not something that we should fear, but rather embrace because our God can use the least to bring about greatness.

During our journey on the way to the mountain, there were passionate demonstrations by the Haitian people over the fuel shortage.  Therefore, we were not able to make it to experience shopping on the mountain top.  God was still in control and had other plans for us to serve. We were able to use our hands and heads to organize medical supplies, craft materials, and even clean the tap-tap! Without fail though, we shared laughter and smiles with the Healing Haiti's Staff through picture taking, hugs, and expressions of appreciation for their service to us while we were serving the people of Haiti. There are short-term missionaries that come to the guest house every week - that is a lot of mouths to feed daily, yet they do it effortlessly and with so much love and joy.

We shared a final fun fellowship opportunity as a team playing in the pool. We met a family from Honduras, another part of Haiti, Nicaragua and long-term missionaries who joined in on the fun as if we had known each other forever - it was a joyful time. To bring our trip to a wonderful close, we conducted our final devotional time with our "word of the week" to describe our experience:

Orchestrated - Honored - Touched - Closer - Blessed - Love - Empowering - Joy - Amazed - Changed - Ignore  (the things that distract you from God) - Thankful - Growth - Excited and Well-Done

So, our dear friends, family and followers, as these words fall upon your hearts and meditate within your minds....we hope that through these blogs you too have shared a piece of the experience with us. More importantly, we hope that you have laughed, cried, prayed, praised and been transformed along this journey with us. The people of Haiti await your head, hands and heart...Na we pita, Ke Bondye Benoui (See you later, May God Bless You).

~ Heather, Wendy and Team One Reason