Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Team Loween - Day 2

Wow…What a great day!!  The weather forecast was for 80% chance of rain…however, the sky was clear and there was lots of Hot Sun!!!  We started off the day with a great breakfast, (after Marcia, our fearless leader, got the coffee maker working…a must for some of us here), at our Healing Haiti guest house.  Our Team is the best…Everyone is fun, helpful and very willing to be present and eager to be the hands and feet of Jesus.  I had a great time watching everyone share their special gifts with all of the people we encountered today.

We left the guest house driving through the crazy/busy streets of Haiti.  All of us were in agreement that we are happy to have a driver taking us everywhere we needed to go!  We were able to learn a bit of the horn honking language from our driver, Max.  No traffic lights or 4 way stops and certainly no round-a-bout that we all know and love! 

Our first Journey was the center for sick and dying adults.  We were able to connect with the people there with lotion hand massages, song and nail polish.  Hopefully it helped them to feel better and find joy at least for a time.  We enjoyed lots of smiles and “mercies”.  (I’m so glad that I’ve had practice with the nail polish on my sweet granddaughters!)

Next we were on to Notra Mason Orphanage.  The kids here touched our hearts with the Joy that they had for doing chalk, blowing bubbles, singing songs, being held, playing with the frisbee and soccer balls.  We enjoyed their smiles and laughter and the excitement that they had when the “mama” director stopped by to see us all.  So fun to share God’s love for the short time we were there.

Our last stop was the hospital for sick and dying babies.  This was a new and very emotional experience for me.  There were 50 babies in two rooms that we fed, changed, and held for a time.  I was able to feed and hold several young kids/babies.  I loved singing to them and seeing their big eyes look back at me.  It was difficult to put each of them down but I knew that when I wasn’t holding them, our God was. 

We came back to the guest house very hot and very sweaty.  Our next journey was a short walk to the swimming pool at a local hotel.  It was wonderful and very refreshing!!  Back to the guest house and dinner, worship with the other Healing Haiti Team down here, and team time.  Everyone had great “words of the day” to share and time for all of us to bond more. 

I am thankful for all of the relationships that are developing and for all of those I have with you back at home!  May you find Joy in your Journey today where ever that may be.

Love and prayers…Lori N-P