Sunday, February 10, 2019

Beautiful Rendezvous!

As we closed tonight, these words were used to describe this amazing time in Haiti - beautiful, powerful, full, grateful, joyful, overwhelming, family, and Rendezvous. 

These words are just a few that speak to what we saw, heard, touched, smelled, and loved during our short time. We came open to serve and love on the people of Haiti, and in turn received so much more back.

Rendezvous......a meeting at an agreed time and place, an appointment, engagement and a gathering. This describes the church that we had the privilege to attend this morning. Powerful! A guest pastor (from Minnesota!) taught us that we all need a heart transplant - a heart like Jesus, our donor - a heart that is selfless, fearless, and boundless! Praying everyday that Jesus teaches us more and more about His heart, and the value and gift of prayer. A small part of our team got to share a skit and music with the children of the church - so fun!

Our final adventure was to go to Papillon Market Place. Papillon is full of original hand made items by all local artists. A place creating jobs that help parents earn income to support their families, and share their gifts. Our team did a tremendous job investing in this beautiful place :).

As we embark to reenter into the States, our minds and hearts are full, and we are all processing on how to continue to share about Healing Haiti and how Jesus is so at work here. Praying that we continue to have open hearts and palms up.

You need to come to Haiti and see it for yourself!

Jeremiah 29:11