Friday, May 18, 2018

SVCC Day #4 - Wahoo Bay, Fleri Resto

The love of Jesus, joy and hope. This was the mission of 10 strangers 5 days ago. 4 months ago most of them were complete strangers. This mission brought them to strange and unfamiliar territory. The commonality that held them together is the same glue they were hoping to share and participate in, Jesus.
After a week of some seed sowing, trying our best to be the hands and feet of Jesus receiving the love this community has to offer, in abundance, Friday is a day of reward. The community spirit, the landscape and our fellowship together as we witnessed the National Holiday of another country. The Haitian community is a very proud people of their culture and country. It brought me joy to see the masses out together in spirit and in celebration! Meanwhile our team celebrated together as we took  2 hour drive across the Haitian countryside to see all that the country has to offer from a scenic perspective. 
The country itself is one giant miracle.  There has been tremendous loss and heartache here yet if you look around there is an abundance of beauty.  From the Caribbean Sea to the luscious green mountains there is beauty in God’s creation around every corner.  As a team we got to soak all of that in together.  There have been some daunting tasks along the way but the reward when everything is said and done greatly outweighs the trials and tribulations.  I think each and every one of us was thankful for the beauty of nature today basking in all of the glorious things God has created here in Haiti.

~ Anthony