Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Team Loween - Day 3

Today was “Water Truck Day”, which is generally a very active day physically. Inbetween the water truck stops, as they went to fill up, we visited Hope Church and School, went to a pier, visited a football (soccer) clinic (Haitian Initiative), and ended up visiting a farm that Healing Haiti is starting up.

The first water stop went well. Everyone was fresh and ready to go. We had some fun at the water station waiting for the truck to get filled.

Then, we went to Hope Church and School, while the truck was getting filled. This visit was a very uplifting time. They seem to be on their schedule, as they were able to add another grade this school year. What is a good fact is that the teachers at the school are from the Cite Sole area. All the children were in their usual good spirits. They returned our love 10-fold.

We visited the Haitian Initiative later in the afternoon. Here again, the children were wonderful to see, hold, and play with. It is a great source for the kids to learn structure, teamwork, and fair play among many other things. Some of the teams have a chance to visit other countries, like the U.S.

The last place we stopped at was the farm that “Healing Haiti” is going to try out. It will teach people to farm in a small way better than they do now, but not like in the U.S.

We ended the evening with a cool dip in the pool, a great meal, a good prayer and reflection time, and watching a slideshow of today’s pictures.