Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Woodridge High School Day 3

hey all! Our day today was long but good! We started the day by helping out with a VBS
program at a local Christian School. We played games, danced, and sang together. We then visited an orphanage where we put on a skit, played games, and shared a snack with the kids. Read all about it in today's blogs!

EDIT: I am having trouble editing the blog so Day 2 got deleted somehow...(?) anyway, there was a request for a sentence to follow the word of day. I will try to do this starting tomorrow, but because of the nature of our sharing time it may not be possible to summarize each sharing. We shall see. :)

Word of the Day 
Liza -- For Real 
CJ -- Bittersweet
Megan -- Worship
Halle -- Impressive 
Lea -- Perseverance
Alyssa -- Grateful 
Lydia -- Heartwarming 
Ellie –- Spontaneous
Isabel -- Smile 
Johanna -- Agape 
Morgan -- Content 
Wyatt -- Play 
Ben -- Joy 
Thomas -- Personal
Claire -- Foosball 
Raegan -- Filled 
Charlie -- Comfort 
Aiydan -- Eyes 
Mel -- Joyfully Conflicted 
Jacob -- Encouraged 
Ava -- Thankful
Annika -- Connected 
Sam -- Glasses 
Brayton -- Sticky 
Allie -- Selfless 

Austin -- Skit  

 Hey guys I'm have a wonderful time. Water truck day as always was fun and a awesome day. The workout plan is a big success. The team is super awesome and making lots of new friends.

Hi everyone! 

Today was a day full of new and enlightening experiences. We went to a school hosting a summer camp and an orphanage, so the day was filled with many smiling, little faces. I personally met an eleven year old girl who hung at my side the entire time we visited her orphanage. Her joy in spite of her circumstances and her love in spite of the language barrier was inspiring. Throughout the last two days I have seen so many contradicting things; all the little kids are so happy despite the poverty they experience and love is so present here amongst the pain. 

Hi guys, today was super fun! We went to an orphanage and hung out with kids. It felt amazing giving joy to all the kids as a group. The food has been good, and the people better. I can't wait to play spoons again with the whole group! So glad to be here growing in my faith!

Hey mom & dad, Love you guys! Here in Haiti God has been changing my perspective of the Haitians. He has shown me the beauty of their character, culture, and country. Monday, we hung out. Tuesday, we passed out water. Wednesday, we held and played with lots of orphans. You are amazing parents! I hope you are enjoying the time with each other!
Love Jacob

Hi fam! Today we visited two orphanages, it was amazing to be able to love on the kids that are the least fortunate. We are sweating a lot, but don't worry dad we are both staying hydrated. Mom, I met an adorable little girl today named Heisi, she taught me some words in her language since she knew some English. Kate, we have three dogs here at the guest house! They're super cute and follow us around outside. Love and miss you guys! 

Mom, my face received a slight sun burn today. -Raegan 

Hey family, 
Having a blast here in Haiti. Don't worry I am wearing sunscreen and staying out of the sun as best as possible. Today we went to a school and orphanage and got to hangout with some pretty cool kids. I love you guys and hope you are surviving with ought me ;)
-Liza ruegemer

Hi family! Haiti is awesome! I have been wearing sunscreen and staying out of trouble :). Today we went to a school and an orphanage to play with the kids. It was super fun and the kids were great! Love you guys!