Saturday, July 30, 2016

Our last day of service :(

Today was our last day of service. Knowing that our week of service is coming to an end, wanting to do more and more for the people of Haiti everyday and make the most of our time here brought a mutual feeling of a heavy heart as we headed into Cite Soleil to do water truck one last time.

Water Truck days consist of completely immersing ourselves in the community of Cite Soleil. Because Cite Soleil is one of the poorest slums in the world, there is a desire for clean water. This is where Healing Haiti comes in. Delivering an amount of water that is comparable to a semi truck almost everyday. While driving through the area the smell of burning garbage, the variety of sounds coming from the people getting their water, as well as the visuals of naked children, the area that they live in, and the desperation to get buckets filled with water can be overwhelming at times. But hearing "hey you!" from the children chasing after the water truck and "merci" (thank you) after helping a woman carry a bucket to her house make it all worth while. The two stops went faster than we hoped for, but these stops could never be long enough.

When we got back to the guest house, we washed up and headed to the local supermarket. It was a great grocery store with plenty of options of produce, breads, treats and drinks. It was very comparable to Cub Foods! We were excited to purchase the Haitian version of our favorite products, for example: Peanut Butter, Ice Cream, Fried Plantains, Coffee and other cookie treats. We are excited to bring some (if there is any leftover) home to our families.

Dinner was different tonight because we went out to Pizza Amoure and invited Brunet (our Tap-Tap driver) and his wife and son with us. Pizza Amoure is a missionary ran pizza place with a wide variety of wood fire pizza, including: Alfredo, Meatza, Pepperoni, House Special and they even had gluten free pizza, on corn tortillas of course! There was beautiful outside dining with hanging lights and candle center pieces that were simple and elegant. It was a much needed fun and relaxing night for everyone.

Now for a night of the team's favorite game, Farkle and gearing up for church and the beach tomorrow!

Oreuvwa for now!

Amanda and Syd!