Monday, June 12, 2017

Bayside/Tonka Day 1 "God is in the unexpected"

This was the message of our sermon Sunday, and was oh so fitting for our journey to Haiti! For the Bayside goers, we had to patiently deal with road construction(or impatiently) that put us through security just in time to board. Then nice flight to Miami, and then we find we had to claim our donations bags which were maximum weight and haul them with to the hotel, and back. Had great shuttle helpers and actually turned out she was from Haiti:)
A late dinner at Ihop and most of us were full and smiling as we finally called it a night. Kristi and kids, though, slept at the airport, or should I say in Kristi's words, "it was an adventure". But not really sleep.
Things went smooth in every way to finish our trip to Haiti, and we ended up getting in early, around noon to the guesthouse. We then took care of our organizing for the week, and checking out the guesthouse and grounds. We had a refreshing trip to a nearby hotel which allows us to use their pool in exchange for just buying a beverage:) It's hot here and I've never seen people get into the pool so fast in my life:) A relaxing, reenergizing time and finished with shepherd's pie and soccer with the local boys.
We have some other new friends with Team 3, and enjoyed games, talking and the soccer time with them too. We finished with a devo, and the word of the day, which is where we all pick a word that describes our major thought for the day. Some examples, beautiful, grateful, peaceful, and relieved.
Now early to bed and rest for our big day delivering water with our water trucks to City Soleil. Tomorrow the adventure goes to the next level! Thx for prayers and interest in our team.   Al