Thursday, September 14, 2017

DeWolf 17, Day 4

Day 4

Hey guys! It’s Jack and Noah, oh wait… It’s just Jack.

Today brought a lot of joy, sweetness, motivation, inspiration, beauty, and much more as we went through different parts of Titanyen.
We began our journey of the day with the blessing of meeting some of the elder women in the town, and bringing joy to their morning with hand and foot massages, prayers and good company. The opportunity to hear directly from each individual what it is that they want prayer for, and what their needs are gave an entirely new perspective on the mission work we came to do, and why it we are here in Haiti.
A little further down the road we had a chance to check out Fleri, a sweet new restaurant and bakery in Titanyen! Fleri is a part of Grace Village, a new community in the town that is run currently by both Americans and Haitians, with the long term vision of being 100% Haitian. We met some amazing bakers and chefs and had some incredibly delicious baked goods and a taste test of a new BBQ Chicken recipe!

Sorry guys, Jack is a bit crabby and took the computer. It might be because he just had his 8th cup of coffee today.

Anyways, after checking out the bakery/restaurant we took a tour of Grace Village, with a rad tour guide named Don, who ended up to be friends with Jacks grandpa. Grace Village is a place that centrally encases the vision of Healing Haiti, it has many classrooms incorporating modern day technology, housing, a playground, a medical clinic, farming, a church, and also the bakery/restaurant mentioned earlier.  My last trip was 7 years ago so I had the pleasure of seeing first hand how far Grace Village has come, and it is incredible how God is working there. After the tour, we drove back to the guest house to chill, take a quick dip in the pool and play soccer with the neighbors. While on the sidelines 2 little girls hung out with us and showed us their dance moves to the music one of the teens brought. Lets just say we had our fair share of laughs. This was an unexpected highlight of the day as we had the opportunity to interact with the neighboring community and meet new friends. Jack and I got killed playing soccer, unfortunately they told me I sucked and so they made me play goalie. However it was still a blast. Afterword we came back, had delicious local Haitian food, and recapped the day. Continue to pray for us as we have fun, work hard and spread love in this country!

-Jack and Noah