Friday, May 27, 2016

Greetings again! (Hi Dad, Cody and young adults miss you much)
Today we were given the question of “What is God trying to teach you?” which is one of Healing Haiti’s big focuses. As I was thinking I was pointed to a number of things by God which we all shared in our circle time.
1) Being that this trip-it’s not about me. I tend to make trips about me saying “oh I am going to Healing Haiti” and “I am bringing water to these families” but in reality it’s not me at all, it is the Lord’s work. I am simply a vessel (Mo’s word of the day) to these people who need it the most. I need to stop thinking that I am this great person for coming here and helping these women at this Home for Sick and Dying Adults but that I am here simply because it is God’s will and that I am to be showing him and sending glory to him instead of taking the credit like I’m some saint.
2)He is showing me where I belong. Ever since I was little I was always hearing about these amazing gifts that people had and I have always just wondered what my gift is, cus apparently everyone is supposed to have one, what gift could I possibly have when these amazing people have these amazing gifts. Now I tend to second guess myself, and I would always see missions’ videos and get so choked up, almost crying, and think it was just so cool when I was little (and whenever I saw it after), but I blew it off like everyone gets choked up at those. But this missions trip I felt a huge tug on my heart and I was like “maybe idk I’ll just check it out” and I’ve come here and the tug as gotten so much bigger and I just don’t want to leave. I want to stay here and do this stuff every day. I finally found my gift I think.
I hope everyone is doing well and having a good summer! See you soon
Love, Caitlin Shell

Hello Friends,
Today we visited the Sisters of Charity’s Home for Sick and Dying Adults. The girls were sent to 4 rooms with about 10 sick women per room. We massaged the women with lotion, painted and clipped their nails and tried to pour out as much love as we could to them. It was hard, it pushed me very far out of my comfort zone. The sights were heartbreaking and it was very hard not to burst into tears.  However, the thought I kept in my mind was that life there was hard and the gift of touch and love would mean the world to these women.
Some women were more sick than others but the look on all of their faces was the same, despair. We had the gift of loving them and giving them joy. I learned a great lesson today about giving my all and being a vessel. When we leave those women are still sick, still dying, still stuck in that hot hospital every day. If I gave my all for two hours, got rid of my “comfort zone” and gave them everything I could, even if that meant doing things I didn’t want to, I could make their day. I also learned that I am only a vessel to show God’s love, I am His servant and He deserves the credit.
I am so thankful to have had this amazing opportunity today. God pushed me and it paid off.

-Much Love, Mo