Saturday, July 28, 2018

Hosanna! Student Ministries Haiti Team Blog - Day 6

Day six of a trip is often the day where you need a little extra grace… for our amazing team however, that was not the case. We started the day a little later than usual, leaving us plenty of time to play the game of the week: Pelt. A hacky-sack game that involves pelting the hacky-sack at the other players, pretty self explanatory. Around 9:30 am, we loaded up into the Tap Tap and headed out to Cite Soleil on our final trip to Hope Church for some play time with the kids. With our handle on Creole much improved from our last visit, communicating was much easier and in no time we were organizing group activities. We started with the largest game of Duck, Duck, Grey Duck ever, where the language barrier only made things funnier as mispronunciations caused kids to stand up and chase team members. After that we sang a few songs, showed off our dance moves, and played an intense game of follow the leader. Most of the little ones were all tuckered out after the festivities, and several of our teammates served as temporary cots for an impromptu nap time. For the rest of the older kids, our translator set up a popular Haitian game for us to play—much like capture the flag—Haitian vs. Americans. After some more play time and some new hairdo’s for a few of us, it was time to leave. Returning to to the guest house, we took a well needed rest and prepared for an amazing dinner at Fleri Bakery in Titanyen. Traffic this evening was pretty rough, yet the team stayed positive and spent the hour and a half playing games and people watching. Despite the delay, we beat the rain and made it there in time to order some delicious pizza and desserts. The other teams were there as well, and we had a great time interacting with them and our servers—students at Grace Village, one of which who speaks 6 languages. All too soon, it was time to head home. Once we arrived we circled up and debriefed for the day, and were just about to settle in or the night when one of our translators announced that we’d been invited to go salsa dancing at the neighboring hotel. Dancing the night away, we wrapped up another wonderful day in Haiti.

Comments from Blogger:
Chloe: Hey Mom, no day six-ing it here! Tell the boys and Kate that I miss them, and don’t let Buddy and Mickey pout too much—I’ll be home soon:)