Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Day 2
Today was our first day of ministry. We split our group into two teams. The guys served at a special needs orphanage. They had a ton of fun there! They felt like they were the ones being blessed rather than the other way around. The women went to the home for sick and dying babies. Its tough to even put into words what all you feel and experience in the orphanage. Our main job was to spend time loving the children, holding, changing, and playing with the sweet sick kiddos. Our next stop was a trip to Apparent Project. This is an awesome ministry where they create jobs for orphan prevention by teaching the Haitians how to make jewelry, metal art, and other accessories. They have also created an internet cafĂ© which has some of the most amazing coffee, smoothies, and treats. We ended our day with a sweet time of worship, group devotion and prayer time. We are looking forward to water truck day tomorrow and a trip to tent church in the morning!