Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Alleluia - Day 3!

     Day 3: Today our team was able to spend our morning doing some impactful shopping and eye-opening tours at both Papillon and Peace Cycle, businesses that train and employ Haitians to make stunning crafts so that they can provide for themselves and their families. At Peace Cycle, we learned about and watched Haitians recycling garbage to create beautiful hand-made bags. At Papillon, we witnessed hard-working Haitians making clay bead necklaces and bracelets, kiln-fired coffee mugs, screen-printed t-shirts, hand-sewn bags, and much more. At both places, we witnessed first-hand the hard work of the amazingly gifted Haitian men and women who have been empowered to provide for themselves and their families and dignified through that process. Our team supported both Papillon and Peace Cycle by purchasing several beautiful crafts. During the afternoon, our team traveled to the Home for Sick and Dying Children, a hospital-type home for children in need of medical attention. We were greeted by the sound of children crying as we entered the home. As we walked among the cribs containing the sick children, they held their arms up for us to hold them. We busied ourselves immediately with cuddling children, changing diapers, wiping noses, and feeding the children from bowls of mashed food. Our hearts were breaking as we saw these children suffer and live apart from their families. They just wanted our love and attention, and through us Jesus loved these desperate children. Many tears were shed not only by the children, but by us. I was struck by the pain I saw in these children's eyes, and their need for not only physical care and medical treatment, but the love of Jesus. After the Home for Sick and Dying Children, our team returned to the guesthouse emotionally exhausted with five of us sick. Even though this day was hard in some ways, it was a miracle and a blessing to be able to do the most important mission we can do here in Haiti, sharing Christ's love and bearing the burdens of many.