Monday, May 29, 2017

Hamilton/Loween Day 1

Day 1: TRAVEL Day

We have been lucky to have a great travel day!  All flights went smoothly AND all our baggage came with us.  I will call that a great success.

First impressions of Haiti…for me personally, I have traveled quite a bit internationally in my past so the weather, cultural uniqueness and landscape is not all that new.  However, we have quite a few 1st-timers on a mission trip and are just taking it all in.

The house we are staying at seems to be a full house…we have 3 different groups of ~15 members each.  We met some of the Haitian staff right away they quickly defeated us in a couple games of bean bags [corn hole for all you Midwesterners]!

Our group is a collection of 12 women ranging in ages and ties back to one another.  The majority are from MN, but there are 4 of us from elsewhere [California, Florida, Kansas and Vermont].
Quick roster for us is: leaders Marcia and Amy who are seasoned vets with HH.  Monica, Tammy, Phyllis, Lexie, Bri, Alyssa, Nora, Emily, Amanda and Jill. 

The main agenda for tonight is to organize our donation items…which are many!  We are sorting items for gift bags, pumping up soccer balls, sorting meds, etc.  We have a variety of items and grateful for everyone’s generosity.

This week will for sure provide us challenges, but I get the vibe that we are all here to be the best selfless servants we can be. 

Personally my go-to verse this week will be Philippians 4:13 “I can do all this through Him who gives me strength”.   

We are all here to serve a purpose and it is not about US.  This week will touch each of us differently, but it will definitely be life-changing.  I am excited for what God has in store for us.