Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Day 1 and 2

Yesterday we arrived at the guest house around 3ish, well most of us. Two people from our group had missed their plane because of a delay and did not make it here until today. Besides the one minor inconvenience our day of traveling ended well. Once we had settled in gotten told the rules of the house and our itinerary we had our first meal as a group. The awesome cooks made us tacos which tasted amazing especially after our long day. A few of us decided to walk up to the pool to relax while the others stayed back at the guest house. Seeing we had a long day and another one ahead of us most went to bed early and got a good cool night of sleep. One room actually had their A/C not wok, their night was a little hotter than others.

Today was our first full day in Haiti and it did not disappoint. At 9am we started the day.The first stop of the day was College Baptiste de la Grace. This is a school that starts at kindergarten and goes to 6th grade. When we had gotten out of the tap-tap we were surrounded by concrete and did not look like we were near a school, then we had gotten lead 100ft to this shed with along with another little shed. These two sheds were filled with kids who embraced with ear to grin smiles and hands ready for high-fives. We spent the next 2 hours reading bible stories, doing crafts, and teaching English. The whole time the kids stayed grateful and were eager to learn more about what we had to teach them.
At the end of our time  being there we had prayed over the groups, and in one of the classrooms a young girl stood up and prayed over our group.When it was time to go each members our our group got at least 10 high fives and left with smiling from ear to ear. We also got to experience what the driving was in like in Haiti on our way to the second stop. They do not have many rules when it comes to driving besides watch out for other cars. The horn is a big thing compared to back in the states.
After we experienced the driving we arrived at the second school called teach Haiti. This school was a higher end from CBG. They had separate classrooms with doors instead of tarps. At this school we went into four different classrooms and learned the ages and favorite subjects of the kids. Our group split throughout the classroom and taught the kids some English words. The best part of this school is we were there just in time for the music class to play us songs on their recorders. These kids did an amazing job and did not even need to look at the music for the notes.

The last stop of the day was at Papillon. This is an organization that employs parents so they can afford to take care of their children, they started with 4 employees and are now up to 156. These employees range from making handmade beads to handmade mugs where we got to see the production of these amazing things. They also have a place to order food and smoothies which was amazing. We all loved the store and had a shopping spree inside.  
We made our way back to the guest house. Where we all changed and went out and played some soccer and jump rope with the neighborhood kids who definitely showed us up in the athletics. They schooled us in a game of soccer and we knew it was time to go back inside where we had authentic Haitian food waiting for us. Now we are full and ready for a big day tomorrow.