Monday, July 3, 2017

Saint Mary's U of M Day 1

We made it! Everyone is tired but excited for the week to begin. It was a long day of travel. When we arrived here in Haiti and got to the guest house we settled in a bit and went next door to play soccer with the neighborhood boys. I saw smiles and pure joy by our team and the Haitians we were playing with. A few of the girls on the team found some little girls to sing, dance, and laugh with. After dinner we had some team time with good conversation and laughs. We are all safe and sound and getting ready to get some much needed rest to be prepared for a fun filled day of service tomorrow. 

Thank you to everyone for the prayers and support. We love all of our family and friends and are praying for you each day. 

(Sorry for the short post tonight...more to come tomorrow!)

-Gabby Schauer and team :)