Friday, May 26, 2017

Day 5: Carrfours Home for Sick and Dying Adults & La Lou Orphanage

Today started quickly as Steve "forgot" to wake us up in time to get ready for breakfast, however, the delicious pancakes and monkey bread almost made me forget about the mishap. After filling our stomachs, we boarded the Tap Tap en route to Carrfours (home for sick and dying adults). Because of unexpected traffic, we were shortetened with the time we had available to help the adults in need, but with the help of each other and a determination to give each adult the treatment they needed, we were able to impact and relax a majority of the adults in need. It's amazing how far a little lotion and some nail polish can go to putting a smile on someone's face. It was hard to leave Carrfours knowing that there was still some work to be done and some shoulders to be moisturized.
Next, we headed up the mountain to shop at some of the metal art stands that line the hectic Haitian streets. Everyone found some art that meant something to them and displayed a part of the trip that mattered to them while also supporting the local haitian economy with said purchases.
Proceeding with the day's agenda, we headed back down the mountain to the La Lou orphanage where we were bombarded with the loving smiles and tight grips of the beautiful Haitian children. Our time was also limited there due to the rumbling and chaotic streets of Haiti. The team used their time well and we were able to give the kids a solid 30 minutes of high energy, love and play. As soon as I (ZACH) stepped off the Tap Tap, I was greeted with the bright smile and outstretched arms of a soon to be friend. His hands wrapped tightly around my neck as he looked deep into my eyes, I could feel the love and happiness radiating from his smile. I played tic tac toe with him for awhile until he got bored and wanted me to spin him around, after my arms got too tired to spin him any longer, he climbed onto my shoulders and stayed there until it was sadly time for us to get back aboard the Tap Tap, I gave him one last hug before I left. At the end of the day I felt as though we were able to use the time we were given to serve and love to the best of our ability.

We look forward to day 6 and what the water truck's have in store for us.

Stay tuned,

Zach, Lauryn & Johnny