Sunday, July 23, 2017

Hosanna Youth Team - Day 7

Bonswa, friends and family!

At the end of each day, we have something called "Pit Time". During this time, all of the girls (leaders included) chose one word to describe their day. Tonight, we all joined together for our last Pit Time. As the girls finished sharing their words, it was time for us leaders to share our word of the day. Our words (Erin and Haley) were 'one' and 'family'. We are going to explain to you why we chose these words to describe our last full day in Haiti.

Our day started off like any other day; it started off with all of us joining together for breakfast. However, there was something slightly different about this second to last morning. As we were sitting at the large table seating 18 of us, we noticed how everyone seemed to be in sync with one another. We were no longer looking at one another as merely acquaintances, but as family.

After breakfast, we left for Grace Church to attend their Sunday morning service. As we entered the church, we joined the congregation in worship. They wove both Creole and English together throughout worship. It was an incredible experience for everyone to come together to praise our God. In that very moment, we were experiencing a piece of heaven.

Our last adventure of the day was to drive up one of the mountains in Haiti. There were many twists and turns along the ride, as well as some places to stop and shop. Once we reached the top of the mountain, we were all able to experience one of most beautiful views God created. We are certain that no pictures will do justice to what we experienced. We were able to have a complete overview of everywhere we went this last week. It was a beauty that only God could create. We were able to see Haiti how our Heavenly Father sees it, beautiful and complete.

Throughout our week here, we have been so welcomed by the Haitians we have encountered. When we would visit an orphanage, they were so grateful for us to spend time there, and would pray over our team. When we would see a child, they would run to us with open arms wanting to be held. We have seen first hand that this is what it means to all be a part of God's family. There are no barriers and no borders and each of us have something in common, our Creator, God. He remains the same across languages, cultures, and the physical miles between Minnesota and Haiti. His love for His people is deep and unending. We are made one in Him. Though this team may have began our trip as merely acquaintances, we are leaving with a deeper understanding that we are indeed, one family.

Haley and Erin