Thursday, June 9, 2016

Water Truck Day

Today we went into Cite Soliel! I had such a fun time playing with all the kids and giving the water to all the people. I had some great experiences today and I will never forget those memories. One of those memories where Sam and I both got to hold a sweet little girl. Then at the second stop we found her again! She walked up to Sam and I and started tugging on our shorts. We looked at each other and said "how did she get here?" So we played with her and held her some more. Then at the third stop she found us again! We were so surprised and we thought how cool it was that she wanted to see us over and over again. Over all this day is definitely going to be one of my favorite days on this Haiti trip!

- Cade, age 13 (Day 2)

  Going into Cite Soliel today, I was a little nervous and overwhelmed about doing what we were going to be doing. Today was GREAT and I wish I  could do it all over again. The people there are truly amazing, they are filled with so much joy and happiness even though they don't have much. It makes us feel very grateful for all that we have. In Cite Soliel right after we got off the Tap Tap and started loving the children and helping with the water truck, all of my nervousness went away. I felt not only love from the people around me, but from God. The kids there were so loving and it really showed. One little girl didn't want me to put her down on the ground, all she wanted was some love and to be held. I was holding a different girl and her mother put out her hand and motioned that she wanted the child I was holding to go with her, and when I set the child down and the mother tried to take her hand and she started crying because she wanted to stay with me. I really felt the love in this moment. One other thing that also amazed me today was, even though we don't speak Creole we can communicate threw our body and face language and also with music. Today was a GREAT day and I hope I can come back some other day.

- McKenna, age 13 (Day 2)