Sunday, November 12, 2017

Winding down

This morning we attended Grace Church in Titanyen.  The church service was full of kiddos from Grace Village and people from the surrounding community.  There was lots of music - some words we understood and most we didn't but we knew we were worshiping our same awesome God.  The prayer and sermon had amazing intensity and it was clear that this church plays a significant role in the community. 

The kiddos from Grace Village were all seated in the front benches of the church and dressed in their "Sunday Best."  So sweet to watch the older ones take care of and keep in order the younger children.

After church we brought Dave Gunnlaugsson to the airport.   We all have such immense respect and love for him.  We thank him for his leadership, for sharing his faith, for his humor and smile, for walking with us on each of the 5 trips Incarnation has taken. We wish him safe travels! 

On to the top of the mountain!  We drove by the Palace and National Cathedral, both were heavily damaged from the earthquake in 2010.  The ruins of the National Cathedral are being left as a memorial for all the lives lost during this catastrophe.  The people who had been on the first trip noticed significant progress from boulders in the streets and rubble everywhere to a community that is recovering.  Then we made our way through a light rain up the winding road to the top of the mountain to look over the city of Port-au-Prince.  As landmarks were pointed out, we reminisced about the places we served and visited throughout the week.  What a rich experience we have had in this amazing country.  

When we returned, several of us went to see the neighborhood boys who have a bracelet business - part of the proceeds go to fund their education which is a requirement to be in this enterprise!  They were excited to meet us.  

Our words of the day and conversations tonight were reflective of our week and the impact this experience has had on us, collectively and individually.