Thursday, May 5, 2016

Day 3- Watermark Team-Water truck day

Day 3-Watermark Team-Watertruck Day in Haiti

What a day today has been for our team;) Many of us experienced “Watertruck Day” here, and it is no longer a mystery…but quickly became a settled place of servanthood that rose up out of every heart on our team. We visited Hope Church in Cite’ Soleil, and prayed over each classroom, each seat, every peace of space that hasn’t been touched by the little fingers and toes of the children yet, or by the parents. It was ABSOLUTELY beautiful to see what God can do, when given the chance. Hope Church was built upon 15 feet of garbage in Cite Soleil. It is where the locals would throw their garbage, as they don’t have a garbage service here. It is where they would urinate and go to the bathroom, as they do not have a toilet in their shanties. God marked that exact place for His glory…and we got to see what was once a thought, come to pass as a place where He is glorified amidst the worst place in the world.

It was beautiful.

From there, we followed a big water truck in our tap tap, which is a caged truck that we all ride in when going anywhere as a team;) We followed the water truck to the center of the people and as anticipation rose in the hearts of our team, knowing it was going to be intense when we stepped foot off of the truck, the Lord was with each one of us, and we just did. The children so thirsty…less for water…and drastically more for love clinged to our team. We all took turns loving on, touching and holding the children of Haiti, while others held the water hose, and filled buckets with water for the people. We stopped at three places, all very different from the last and by the end of the last stop, every one of us was drained. Again, much of the ride was in silence as we processed what just happened. Every one of our arms were aching from holding multiple children at a time, or carrying buckets down alleyways to their homes. When I say homes, let me paint a picture. Metal tin homes, without floors or carpet…only dirt. Many without windows, none with electricity, bathrooms or garbage cans. So many dirt floors with simply a piece of cloth laid on the floor where they slept. This was their home, and they let us in, just enough to put down a full bucket a water that is all they have to live on until the next water truck comes. It was an honor for us all to be welcomed to love on the children, to be welcomed to serve them by carrying buckets. As each child led us where to go, none of us knew how far we would have to walk…yet we went anyways.

Drenched in sweat at the end of the last stop, there was a sense of gratitude that nothing else could have brought our team, but exactly that.

We had another time of sweet worship with the other guest house team. We started the morning with breakfast around our table, holding hands and praying over our day. We ended it with 40 people full out worshipping the Lord for creating such a beautiful people and sustaining us through yet another day in Haiti.

Tomorrow…we visit Grace Village, minister to the Elderly, and love…Tomorrow is another chance for our team to LOVE WELLJ