Monday, July 29, 2019

Woodridge High School Day 1

Hey everyone! After a great day of travel, the Woodridge High School Team has arrived at the guest house in Haiti and settled in! Check below to see everyone's word of the day and a blog post from a couple students (reminder: each student will blog at least once throughout the week).

- Austin

Word of the Day || Day #1
Megan -- Warmth
Liza -- Eye Opening
Halle -- Excitement
Morgan -- Hopeful
Thomas -- Relieved
Johanna -- Perspective 
Charlie -- Fulfilling 
Lea -- New
Lydia -- Set In
Alyssa -- Patience
Wyatt -- Await-ment 
Clair -- Calm
Raegan -- Synthesis 
Isabel -- Real
Ellie -- Easy 
Ben -- Picture
Ava -- Welcoming
Allie -- Surreal 
Aiydan -- Home
Sam -- Peaceful 
Brayton -- Stunned 
Annika -- Adapting 
Mel -- Team 
CJ -- Sticky
Jacob -- Unexplainable 

Austin -- Search 

Today was full of lots of new things that I've never seen before. There were many amazing things but also some that are really shocking compared to what we see and experience in our day to day lives. It was so cool to get to see a small part of Haiti and I am looking forward to seeing more over the next week.
-Liza ruegemer 

Hi family! Today was the perfect travel day, no problems and we got everywhere on time and easily! The Healing Haiti people are all so nice, they made us tacos tonight haha. Charlie is good too, excited for our adventures this week. We are having our first water truck day tomorrow, you'll see lots of pictures when I get home! Love you all!
-Claire Ficek