Monday, August 6, 2018

A New Adventure Waits

Our team consisting of the Kratch family- Nancy, Lance, Lauren, Bailey plus Marco; the Schmidt Family- Rebekah, Steve, Emma, and Izzy; Nora, Livie, Hannah, Rocky, John, Ella, Joanna made it safe and sound to Haiti after a long day of travel.  We are leaving behind important people and important events, but are ready to embrace all that Haiti has to offer.  All of us were up very early, but travel went well and we arrived to the beauty that awaits us.  We shared a meal of awesome tacos- especially that Guacamole filled our bellies.  The fellowship that we shared is a good introduction to what we will be sharing throughout the week.  Tomorrow is going to be an awesome day.  Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we open our hearts to what Jesus has in store for us.  We will pray for all of you throughout the week as well.  More to come!