Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Scott/Wayne EBC Team: A Moment of God's Presence

After a long day of delivering water to Cite Soleil, we sat around as a group and shared our stories and emotional experiences with each other. We discussed times when God showed up in our faith journey – and one moment immediately came to my mind. Yesterday, we visited Carrefour Home for the Sick and Dying. The girls in the group cared for the females by messaging lotion on their arms and legs and providing emotional support. The last woman I cared for wasn’t easy to pick-out because she was lying on the floor in the corner, instead of a bed like the others. I would have missed her if it wasn’t for a boy who kindly ushered me over to help. As I kneeled beside the woman I quickly realized how severe her sickness was. She was skin and bone. Her breath was extremely faint. Flies were swarming around her face. I became very emotional, but I knew she needed help, so I choked-back tears and began rubbing lotion on her frail arms and legs. The boy who brought me over spoke some English so I started chatting with him. He told me he was 23 years old and the woman was his mother. I asked him how old she was, he struggled to say the number in English, but he could say “birthday.” It was his mother’s birthday that day. At that point I couldn’t hold back the tears - I couldn’t help but think of my own mother and just how difficult that must have been for the both of them. I asked the boy if I could pray for his mother. I held the woman’s delicate hands, bowed my head, and began silently praying. I was surprised when I looked up and saw the boy and his friend holding hands reciting a prayer in Creole. I grabbed his hand and all three of us began praying together over the woman. I was beside myself with emotion. I have never felt God more present. We didn’t need to understand what each of us were saying to know that it was powerful. I hugged the boy as he continued to say “merci, merci” over and over.  What he didn’t know was that I was thankful for him. God is so good and I truly believe he brought me to this moment for a reason. 

Scott/Wayne EBC Team: 1st of Two Water Truck Days

Today the team visited Cite Soleil (one of the poorest slums in the Western Hemisphere) to deliver water. Water that we take for granted, the team delivered to those who have none. As soon as we stepped out of our Tap-Tap (our transportation vehicle) children surround us to our hearts delight. Some of the team was positioned by the water spout, others helped to fill the buckets and keep the line moving.  We all took turns rotating and there was plenty to do. We held as many children as possible, they all wanted to be held and they did not want to be put down.  Some children had no shoes, others had no clothes, but it didn’t matter because they are all God’s children.  We all felt God’s love today in many ways. The smiles we shared, the hugs we gave and received.  We had three water truck stops and after our first stop we visited Hope Church. This was an incredible sight to see in the middle of what is considered a slum, God’s love is shining through His church. The grounds that the church is built on was a former garbage dump 40 feet deep.  The church also has many classrooms and children, even adults are learning to read and write. A step in the right direction to rebuilding the community.

Elaine, Eileen, Ellie, Meredith

Scott/Wayne EBC Team:La Lou Jungle Gym

Scott/Wayne EBC Team: Lean In

In last night’s meeting Wayne and I challenged the team “for each of us to get out of our own way so that God can use us in his way. We may have the preconceptions about who we think we are, but often times that is a false sense of reality. God’s version of us is who we really are. What would happen if we pushed past our fears and insecurities? Imagine what kind of potential we would reach for Him. This week, we will be challenged, stretched and uncomfortable but when that happens… we need to Lean in… because, most likely, that moment is exactly where He wants us to be. Today, we did just that.

Our first stop was to Carrefour, which is known as the Home for Sick and Dying Adults. I personally have never been to this stop, so I was not sure what to expect. Our job here was to just be… present… which in our culture is slowly becoming an unfamiliar concept. We often find ourselves connected to just about everything but the present. However, equipped with bottles of lotion we entered rooms of bed ridden patients longing to feel the touch of someone who wants to love and be near them. We had the privilege of massaging lotion onto the patient’s hands, backs, shoulders, legs and feet. Many of the sick are too weak to move or are in so much pain they’d rather not, so having us there is a real treat. To some this may sound like uncomfortable interactions with strangers, but to God, we are obediently serving our brothers and sisters.

Our next stop was to the orphanage, La Loo. La Loo has around 35 children that range from 4-16 years old. These children were a joy! They were ecstatic to see us pull in. Our 6’6” team member, Dave Holmes, quickly became their living, breathing jungle gym. J After some play time we sat down for a bible study and activity. The study pulled pieces out of the books of Ephesians and Romans. [Put on your full Armor of God so that you can take a stand…against the evils of this world… for each of you were made with unique gifts and talents by the grace of God.] In an environment where many of the orphans were abandoned, they need to know that they are still loved and important to God. Furthermore, they must use that understanding to protect themselves from a world that wants them to think otherwise.

Overall, the trip has been physically, mentally and spiritually rewarding and it’s only begun. I am looking forward to experiencing the inevitable growth of this team in the upcoming days. Next up, Water Truck Day!

God Blesses Always,