Friday, June 22, 2018

PLC Day 5: Water Truck Round 2 and LaPharre!

Day 5: June 22nd, 2018

Hey guys!

 Max here again, but before I dish the mic off to our guest writer Karen Stich for the night, I have a quick story about last night. So Nelson and I were hanging out with some people from the other team and they brought us some chocolate right before we had to go to bed. We both had just brushed our teeth so we were saving it until the morning like the good Christian boys we are. I set mine on the table, but unfortunately for Nelson, he decided it would be a good idea to set them next to his pillow. The next morning at church (will be explained below) he kept smelling chocolate but he had no idea where it was coming from. It wasn’t until we got back to the guesthouse and Ryan said, “Jeez Nelson, what happened to your back?” that we realized what had happened. The evidence was not only on his back, but smeared throughout his sheets as well. Bringing the laundry to the ladies this morning was awkward to say the least! Alrighty, I am going to give the fingers a rest, but I’ll be talking into Karen’s ear as she writes the blog! Dish the ish to Mrs. Stich:

I have to admit that I usually am the one that has been reading this blog afar from the comfort of home for the last four years.  Following along with what my kids have been experiencing and trying to imagine what it is like.  I can tell you, there are no words that describe Haiti. These blogs only scratch the surface of the emotions we all experience.  Ryan, myself, Katie Ose, Sam Pesquiera, and Max Nelson will attempt to recap Friday as best as possible.

Today was the “early” day. Up at 5:30 to attend service at Church on the Rock.  It started as a “tent” church after the earthquake of 2010 and now is a large warehouse-like building where roughly 2000 people can worship together.  It is not your garden variety service.  Haitians walk/dance/sing their praises up and down the aisle while the Pastor loudly professes (screams) into the microphone.  Some parts feel more like a ROCK concert instead of a church service.  Very moving to say the least!

After breakfast, we split into 2 different TapTap groups.  One group went to visit the Haitian History Museum and LaPharre Orphanage.  The other group choose to do a 2nd water truck day in Cite Soleil.  Learning the history of Haiti shed a lot of light on the culture, including why there are so few dogs in Haiti.  Dogs were used by the French to control the Haitian slaves.  Today, you rarely see dogs on the streets, mostly goats.  At the orphanage, the kids enjoyed face painting, parachute, soccer and bracelet making. 

The team that went to deliver water repeated 2 of the 3 stops from Day 1.  Everyone agreed that they each carried more water buckets than ever before, even Max was asked to stand in line to get someone’s bucket filled! 

10 more of us had the opportunity to visit the hospital of sick and dying children.  First, we got a chance to feed the kids.  After they ate, some were taken outside.  The healthier ones were able to play in the courtyard.  The sicker kiddos were held and loved as much as possible.

Tomorrow, the groups have a choice to either go to Montefort orphanage for the deaf and Metalworks (a metal market where we can barter for their wares) or Dios orphanage for special needs kids and the Haiti Olympic Training facility.  Afterwards, we are meeting back at Grace Village for pizza at Fleri (Healing Haiti’s bakery and restaurant). 

Till tomorrow, au revoir!

Karen Stich feat. Max Nelson