Tuesday, August 14, 2018

And so the week begins...

Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust /Reiser Relief: 

Getting on the plane en route to Haiti in anticipation for a week of challenges and overwhelming feelings... But you know what they say... You truly can never grow until you’re pushed outside of your comfort zone. All of the emotions will be felt while in Haiti... Feeling tears come on from all the abandoned children. Feeling the rage of anger take over from all the social injustices. And the engulfing feeling of anxiety from a completely new experience. However, throughout all of this, God will always be right by our side. It is in this time that we must place faith in the fact that the Lord will bless us and keep us. He will shine His face upon us and use each and every one of us as a vessel for His testimony and purpose. 

Day 1

This morning dawned with a sunrise that filled the skies with a pink hue that seemed to wash over the landscape. These quiet precious moments were a much needed inspiration for the day that awaited our team. The amazing thing about God is that when his morning glory greets us from the sky no matter where you are or what impoverished conditions may surround you, bathed in his glow, everything is beautiful. 

In fact, after today myself and several other team members have seen God’s beauty here. It has been a hard beauty for sure...buried in the trash heaps of Cite Soleil. Our ladies unloaded 3 separate water trucks inside the poorest slum in the Western Hemisphere. The homes were constructed out of the best pieces of the local trash. Women and young children met the water trucks expectantly. There is zero freshwater available in Cite Soleil. It is trucked in 6 days a week. After their containers were filled the women and children carried giant 5 gallon buckets of the water back to their dwellings. Several team members helped carry this water, it was difficult and laborious to say the least. 

I’ve saved the best for last! The children in Cite Soleil were among the most precious I’ve ever seen. They chased after the truck yelling, “Hey you.” As we left the Tap-Tap (our truck) they couldn’t jump into our arms fast enough. Our ladies held as many as we could trying to give everyone a turn. Most didn’t wear clothes and those that did were soiled and frenetic. 

I can’t describe how proud I am to be a part of this team. These ladies gave of themselves and then gave more. We also got to tour Hope School and Church located in Cite Soleil as well as Terrepromise School. So thankful for these educational opportunities. Several of us wound down the afternoon swimming in a nearby resort pool. 

Every meal has been on point and the staff have been gracious and accommodating. Tacos for dinner last night, pancakes and eggs for breakfast this morning and finally chicken yakisoba for dinner tonight. We are being well taken care of and covering each other in prayer. Decompressing has been a bit tough given the conditions of Cite Soleil we were exposed to today. Fortunately, God has placed each person here for a reason and to fill a specific purpose. We are encouraging each other and trying to share the love of God to all we meet. 

Please continue to cover us in prayer as this is only the first day. We would covet your prayers for strength both mentally & physically as well as guidance and protection. We love you all and await what tomorrow may bring. 

In the Company of our Mighty King.

Kate & Ashley