Friday, October 6, 2017

Team Loween - Day 5

Love that never ends …

We woke up before sunrise to experience a sunrise worship at the Church on the Rock. We were not sure what to anticipate for worship. Even though the language was not our own, we could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and God’s love weaving in through the sons and daughters of God. We were amazed as they moved back and forth dancing through the pews with their arms lifted up high praising Him. It gave us a foretaste of the feast to come when we are welcomed into our Lord’s arms in heaven.

          As we walked to return to the guesthouse, we had the opportunity to interact with the Haitians in their typical commute to work and school. As we took in the colors and smells of the rush hour we experienced the same love and kindness we received since we landed in this beautiful country this earlier this week.

          After breakfast we went to our second day of water delivery in District 17 in Citi Sole near Hope Church.  As we exited the truck there was a chorus of “hey you's” from the children. As the kids jumped into our arms we caught them and again we were showered with love like the water which poured out from the water trucks into their buckets and barrels.

          We visited the Elder School next. Healing Haiti helped them rebuild their roof and upper floor after the earthquake. We spent some time visiting with the students and Mr. Elder. Conversations, hugs, high fives, and smiles were exchanged with one another. Not many words were spoken but God’s love prevailed.

We then went to Papillion Industries and Apparent Project. The industries was started in 2008. They are currently employing nearly 300 Haitians (and growing). We witnessed the dedication and ingenuity those 300 individuals applied to their craft to create this one of a kind product to make a sustainable living for their families and loved ones. We then supported them by purchasing their products from their store. They also have an online presence for those who interested in supporting them. If interested their web address is

At the end of the day, we then went to the pool (which is at a nearby hotel), and we had some team time and team sharing.

          God is good. His love is never ending, both at home, Haiti, and the world!! Praise God.

-Dennis, Carlos, and Mark