Saturday, May 28, 2016

Hi everyone!
So today we did water truck again today which was super fun because I got to hold the kids and just play with all the kids. But something happen today to me that had kind of stuck with me and I find this completely amazing. So I was holding a little girl today and she had asked me to dance with her, so while I was dancing with her a little boy came to me and took me to her older brothers. On my way over there I was crossing a part in the street that had a small stream of water. I’m almost certain that it had human feces in it. But on my way to the boys I accidentally walked through it because I didn’t see it over the girl I was holding. (Now this is the part that was amazing to me) the little girl I was holding saw that I had walked through the water, so she quickly took me over to her mom who had just gotten her water from the truck. She had started to drink the water and wash herself with it. Once I got over to this little girl’s mom, she pointed at my foot and looked up at her mom. When her mom saw it she pointed at her bucket, telling me to take some. When I hesitated the little girl and her mom started getting handfuls of their water and pouring it down my leg and cleaning off my shoes and feet. Before I knew what was really going on, I had 4 or 5 little kids and the one little girls mom all just pouring all of the water on my feet. This really just amazed me because these people barley knew me but yet they cared about me so much that they used their own water that they worked hard for to clean off some dirty water on my shoes. It was just awesome to me.
See you soon,

This trip has truly changed my perspective on the verse where Christ says that He is a spring of living water that will never run dry. This morning as we were in Cite Soleil with the water truck, I helped hold the huge hose that dispenses the water, and I was able to look around at all the different containers that people were using to take their water home: paint buckets, margarine tubs, mop buckets, baby baths, gasoline cans, disposable plastic cups, and, in one little girl’s case, even a small plastic bag. These people were desperate to get their share of water, even resorting to pushing each other out of the way or stealing others’ portion. They were afraid that there wouldn’t be enough water to fulfill their needs - to wash their children and themselves, to cook their food, to clean their clothes. But Christ never stops pouring His grace, His love, and His compassion into our lives. He never runs dry; He never gets exasperated with our need for Him. In fact, He welcomes that need with open arms and an unimaginably full heart.