Thursday, May 30, 2019

Gainor/Demay Day 2

Salut zanmi!

Today was our second full day in Haiti. On the agenda was traveling to Cite Soleil to deliver water, and then we dispersed into two smaller teams to visit the children's hospital and an orphanage.

Today we were immersed in love, joy, and hope. As soon as we stepped off the trucks we were swarmed with smiles, hugs, and empty water buckets. Fresh drinking water is a scarce resource in Cite Soleil that is often taken for granted in the states. The families in Cite Soleil gathered their empty buckets to be filled. Our job consisted of helping carry the full buckets to their homes, and our personal favorite: love on the Haitian people. While the adults focused on carrying the water to their homes, their children played and danced in the water. It was touching to see the joy that was shared by everyone.

Our next stop was Hope Church, Clinic, and School. The name "Hope" holds a deep meaning. The church was constructed on over 80 feet of garbage! What used to be lifeless is now radiating in love, joy, and hope. The clinic serves up to 100 people every day, while the school educates about 260. It was fascinating to see the opportunities the Hope community offers. One of our team members had the opportunity to meet the school girl her family sponsors for the first time. The pictures don't do justice in capturing the joy that was felt in that moment. Like this little girl that was sponsored, Healing Haiti provides hundreds of other children with the ability to receive an education.

Our team split up in the afternoon. Half of went to the children's hospital and the other half visited an orphanage. We arrived during meal time and were able to feed many of the children. We were able to share moments of love and laughter with every child we engaged with. Time with the children was both an emotional and challenging experience. These babies were so affectionate and content, simply by being picked up. To give these babies the love and attention they deserve was warming to say the least. The day was full of love, joy, and hope.
At the orphanage we painted the girls nails, played soccer, colored, and the children tried to teach us a few dances. They are really good dancers!!! A few of the of girls taught one of our leaders a new card game.  She said she was pretty sure they let her win. The children were full of smiles as we played with them.

Glwa Pou Bondye!